World Backup Day – A Great Time To Take A Look At Your Backup Practices

World Backup Day – A Great Time To Take A Look At Your Backup Practices

By Adam Boyle, Senior Business Consultant

We have all been advised to perform tornado and fire drills at least once a year, but when is the last time you took a hard look at your backup practices. And are you checking these practices regularly? March 31st is World Backup Day and is a great reminder to get your annual data check-up on your calendar.

Here are some simple steps to follow for your annual check-up:

  • Know where your data resides. The more places data exists, the more likely it is that unauthorized individuals will be able to access it. Quiz your employees and consider using data discovery tools to find and appropriately secure data.
  • Control access to your data. Once you have defined every place your data lives, it is time to limit your employees’ access to specific data they need to perform their jobs. This isn’t a matter of whether or not you trust your employees, it’s a matter of keeping your data as secure as possible. Any administrative privileges should be kept to a very small number of trusted and qualified staff.
  • Define how you are protecting each data point. Go through the practice of documenting how each data point is protected. It is so important to remember that just because some of your data may live in the “cloud”, it does not mean it is backed up. Microsoft makes no guarantee on backing up your data and clearly states that it is the user’s responsibility. In fact, 75% of companies that use applications like OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, Calendar, and others experience a data loss incident every year – and most of it is unrecoverable. The good news is, there are solutions that can back up your data in these applications. (Shameless sales plug – YES, Networks Plus can help you with this.)
  • Decide on the amount of downtime you are comfortable with for data that resides on your business server. If your business has evolved over the past year, this too may have changed. Have the discussion on whether or not your leadership is comfortable with your current backup solution. How many times a day do you feel you need to back up? Discuss with your trusted IT provider on whether or not you are needing instant recovery and get a plan in place.

Not sure where to start? No problem. Give Networks Plus a call and we can take these steps off your plate, or help your team learn how to walk through them.

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