Why Educating Employees On Cybersafety Should Be Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Why Educating Employees On Cybersafety Should Be Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

By: Craig Williams, Master IT Engineer

As quickly as companies find ways to fend off a cyber threat, cybercriminals find new ways of launching an attack. And many times, the employees are their target.

For a business, there are multiple layers of protection that need to be put in place. This includes a strong firewall, data back-ups and other forms of protection.

But educating employees is one layer that is often overlooked.

At Networks Plus, we believe the best defense against hackers and other cyber threats is an educated employee. They are the most dynamic part of your business, so it’s important they are alert and aware of what an attack can look like. It’s the organization’s responsibility to ensure their employees know how to keep the network and data secure.

Keep Current With The Latest Threats

Because of the ever-changing nature of cybercrime, giving one cybersecurity training during new hire orientation isn’t going to cut it. The most common cybersecurity threats to employees change frequently.

Right now, phishing is the greatest threat observed, because the payoff can be high. But as security measures adjust to stop these threats, attackers change tactics.

Threats can come in any form of communication: email, phone calls, text messages, and even calendar invites.

One new scheme that’s emerged is cybercriminals sending you an invite and to get an appointment on your calendar. Then you click the link and “calendar invite” installs malware on your PC.

This is just one of the newer methods being used. It’s important to stay updated and aware of what threats exist, and make sure your employees are aware as well.

All of the cyber protection technology in the world won’t help you when an employee receives a phishing phone call and unknowingly gives sensitive information to an attacker. Educate your employees to help keep your organization more secure.

How Networks Plus helps organizations train employees on cybersecurity.

  • Expertise – We use our experience, leveraging what we have seen in regards to cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, to help education how employees should be protecting their accounts.
  • KnowBe4 – We partner with KnowBe4, the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platformto test your employees. Once the test is complete, an actionable report can help cater training based on an organization’s vulnerability risk.
  • Lunch & Learns & Webinars – Networks Plus offers these informal training opportunities to give customers a look into potential emerging threats and how they can protect their information from such attacks.
  • Personalized Training – Bring our Technology Director, Jerry Horton, right into your staff meeting with personalized training to meet your needs. We offer personalized training via an online interactive webinar format, or even on-site as needed. Contact your account consultant at consulting@networksplus.com for more information.

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