Put the PRO in productivity with Microsoft 365 Teams

Put the PRO in productivity with Microsoft 365 Teams

By: Karron Swift, Senior IT Technician

Office work is increasingly not in one office anymore. With staff working remotely, on the road, and in multiple locations, working together while working apart can be a challenge.

That’s the exact situation we faced internally at Networks Plus. With four locations and technicians who spend most of their time assisting our partners onsite, we needed a streamlined system that allowed us to work collaboratively and communicate effectively, no matter where we happened to be.

That’s why we started using Microsoft 365 Teams. Now it’s a central hub for everything we do, including:

  • Hosting online meetings
  • Hosting webinars
  • Communicating with messaging threads
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Project management
  • Building forms
  • Developing surveys
  • Making presentations
  • Screen sharing
  • Sharing content and files

Teams is all in one

Microsoft 365 Teams meeting hosting is similar to Webex, and GoToMeeting, with comparable project management functions to Slack. However, we’ve discovered its integration with the rest of Office 365 tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint takes streamlined and functional workflow to the next level.

After using Teams internally within Networks Plus for a year, we started helping our partners onboard their systems to use the platform about six months ago. Since then, we’ve been hearing about increased productivity, enhanced communication, and collaboration that doesn’t depend on being in the same room.

Using Teams is easy

At Networks Plus, we’ve found the user interface for Teams to be easy to navigate and organize.

Projects and communication categorize intuitively by team. Most partners we’ve worked with choose to organize teams by department, but it’s flexible to any structure you prefer.

Making changes to documents, organizing tasks, customizing the interface, and tracking activity is as simple as a click.

Maximizing Office 365 for your team

If your company has a business or enterprise subscription to Office 365, Teams is already included in the suite of products available to you. It’s accessible as a web app, desktop app, and for mobile. This allows your team to access the platform anywhere they have internet or cell service.

There is also a free version of Teams available outside Office 365 that includes tools like unlimited chat and search, video calling, up to 10 GB of team and personal file storage, and connectivity with Microsoft Office.

Networks Plus can help you integrate Microsoft 365 Teams

Whether you need Teams training, consulting on how to transition your organization from your current project platform, or serving as the systems admin for your company, Networks Plus can help.

Tell us your needs and we’ll get you up and running and more productive!

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