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Our Team

At the Blue Valley Network of Companies, our team of highly skilled professionals is here to serve you.


Candace Wright


John Smith


Jada Ackerman

Director of Public Relations & Customer Service

Jodi Samuelson

Administrative Assistant/HR

Jerry Horton

Technology Director

Angie Armstrong

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Amy Peschel


Jake Schulte

IT Manager


Adam Boyle

Business Account Consultant

Kelly Gillespie

Business Account Consultant


Kurt Sack

VoIP Technician

Spencer Price

Advanced IT Technician

Marc Bryant

Advanced IT Technician

Craig Williams

Master IT Engineer

Kelly Fleming

IT Office Administrator

Nathan Brown

Managed Services Lead/Advanced IT Technician

Brad Jepsen

Master IT Engineer/Sales Engineer

Karron Swift

Senior IT Technician

Paul Facey

Managed Services/Advanced IT Technician

Jeffrey Anderson

Advanced IT Technician

Kathryn Schoening

IT Technician


Tara Schneider

Customer Service Representative

Jodi O'Neil

Customer Service Representative

Colleen Voet

Business Account Lead CSR


Nick Gordon

Virtual PBX Technician

Mary Smith

Accounting Lead

Susan Pacha

Accounting Lead

Joan Hartner

Billing Clerk

Nancy Holle

Accounts Payable Clerk

Rachel Strunk

Marketing Associate

Jon Englert

Video Production Technician

Debbie Price

Accounting Clerk

Jake Hull

Infrastructure/Cloud Supervisor

Lisa Roever

Billing Clerk

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