10 Virtual Experiences to Enjoy with Your Family

10 Virtual Experiences to Enjoy with Your Family

By: Angie Armstrong, Director of Marketing & Business Development

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Networks Plus team has been walking the ‘social distancing’ walk of working from home, home schooling our children, and keeping everyone entertained while staying at home. Of course, this is all on top of keeping our clients connected and running smoothly!

So, while we are feeling the same levels of stress as the rest of society, we thought we would share a bit of the fun times we have had during this era of social distancing. And what better topic for a group of technology folks than to share some great virtual experiences we’ve had over the last 30 days!

Below, some of our team members share the virtual experiences they’ve enjoyed.

Google Earth

Submitted by Candace Wright, CEO
For the world traveler: Google Earth offers endless 3D views and voyages. Simply go to earth.google.com to spend hours exploring the world from your own home. Grab your favorite drink and let this feel like a mini vacation.  

NordicTrack with iFit

Submitted by Jake Schulte, IT Manager
For the biking fanatic: Jake and his wife recommend hitting the virtual trails with NordicTrack Studio Bike with an iFit subscription. They enjoy biking all around the world virtually without leaving their home.

Louvre Museum

Submitted by Adam Boyle, Business Consultant
For the art enthusiast: Adam recommends taking an online virtual tour at the well-known Louvre museum in Paris. His favorite has been the “Egyptian Antiquities” tour. Check it out here.

Field Trip Penguins

Submitted by Kelly Fleming, Office Administrator
For, well, everyone: Who doesn’t enjoy watching a penguin visit other animals at an aquarium? This link and several others are featured on Chicago Tribune’s article “Field Trip Penguins and More: 5 Visits to Chicago Zoos, Museums During the Coronavirus Pandemic”.

Virtual Garden Tours

Submitted by Angie Armstrong, Marketing & Business Development Director
For the garden devotee: While Angie hasn’t quite developed her green thumb just yet, she has been audience to a few virtual garden tours as she studies how to get said thumb developed. She recommends this site that features “8 Stunning Virtual Garden Tours Around the World”.

Eagle Cams

Submitted by Kelly Gillespie, Business Consultant
For the outdoorsman: Kelly, a true outdoorsman himself, has been spending most of his free time mushroom hunting as of late. But, when stuck inside due to rain, he has been enjoying the bald eagle cams featured on hdontap.com. He tells us to be sure to check in on “Glenda and Grant Bald Eagles” in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee as they have a new fuzzy white chick they are caring for!

Virtual Disney World

Submitted by Brad Jepsen, Master IT Engineer
For the adrenaline junkie: Brad and his family have enjoyed taking rides at Virtual Disney World during their quarantine. You can check it out here.


Submitted by Paul Facey, Advanced IT Technician
For the wannabe farmer: Paul’s family has had quite the adventure raising chickens on ROBLOX. Unfortunately, they reported in that their flock had been turned into chicken nuggets and stolen by another player, which had all of us in stitches!

Sea Monsters Roller Coaster Ride

Submitted by Katy Schoening, IT Technician
For the adventure seeker: It’s no surprise that our adventurous Katy would enjoy this roller coaster ride. This 360-degree experience on YouTube is bound to scare your socks off!

San Diego Zoo & Story Time

Submitted by RJ O’Donnell, Advanced IT Technician
For the whole family: RJ and his young daughter have enjoyed many zoo cams, but highly recommend the San Diego Zoo cam. This one has become their favorite because of the multiple cameras and variety of animals.

He also wanted to share that since his daughter is a huge fan of Disney’s, Frozen, she also recommends attending story time with Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, on Twitter.

From all of us at Networks Plus, we wish you all much health and happiness as we navigate through these trying times.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected.

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